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Winemakers, Enologist, Vineyard Expert

Jon Held


JON HELD - PRESIDENT & OWNERJon Held graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Enology–the science of winemaking. While attending CSUF, he was a two-time recipient of American Society for Enology and Viticulture scholarships and was also awarded the Alpha Zeta Agriculture Honor Fraternity Outstanding Senior Award.

My biggest goal is to see Stone Hill repositioned to the grand stature it held in the years prior to Prohibition.” – Jon Held

After graduation, Jon honed his winemaking skills with an apprenticeship at the Hans Schlatter Weinbau Kellerei in Hallau, Switzerland. This was followed with a position as assistant winemaker for Andres Wines Ltd., which was one of the largest and most successful wineries in Ontario, Canada.

In 1983, Jon returned to his family’s Stone Hill Winery as Vineyard Manager. Today, Jon serves as the winery’s President and Owner and directly oversees the production and operations aspects of the company. In 1994 Jon’s expertise at vineyard management was recognized at the Wineries Unlimited Symposium where he was named Winegrower of the Year.

Jon is actively involved in several industry and civic boards and organizations. He has served multiple terms on the Missouri Grape and Wine Advisory Board as well as the Midwestern representative on the Eastern Viticulture Consortium Regional Guidance Committee, which administers USDA funding for viticultural research.

Dave Johnson


DAVE JOHNSON - SENIOR WINEMAKERDave Johnson graduated from Michigan State University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He worked five years at Ford Hospital and Research Institute in his native Detroit, before returning to Michigan State in 1975 to pursue a master’s degree in the Grape and Wine Program. As Dr. G.S. Howell’s research assistant, Dave found himself heavily involved in viticulture research, the operation of Michigan State’s pilot winemaking facility and cooperative research works with several Michigan wineries. Making wines from new grape varieties at the university’s research center became his No. 1 priority.

It’s been gratifying to receive so much attention on wines like Norton and Vignoles, but I’m very happy with the success we’ve had on our sweet wines…. I pay as much attention to my Concord and Pink Catawba as I do the Norton-and I think it shows.” – Dave Johnson

After obtaining his master’s degree in 1978, Dave, upon Dr. Howell’s strong recommendation, traveled to Hermann, Missouri, where he became winemaker for Stone Hill Winery. In the past 40+ years, Dave’s winemaking expertise and penchant for perfection has earned him and Stone Hill Winery the industry’s highest accolades. The most awarded American winemaker outside of California, Dave was named Winemaker of the Year in 1994. In 2002, he received Missouri’s Pioneer Award for his outstanding service to the state’s grape and wine industry. Dave’s dedication to his craft is clearly evident in his ability to produce quality award-winning wines consistently year after year. Stone Hill Winery routinely ranks among the top awarded wineries in the nation and has earned several Missouri Governor’s Cup awards.

Dave now has more time to pursue his favorite hobby of golf with the same tenacity that makes him one of the best winemakers in the country.

Shaun Turnbull


SHAUN TURNBULL - WINEMAKERShaun Turnbull hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He studied winemaking at Elsenburg Agricultural College where he received his diploma in Cellar Technology in 1999. Teaching the science of winemaking since the early 1900s, Elsenburg College has earned a reputation in South Africa for being the best practical school of winemaking in the country. After completing his studies, Shaun furthered his practical education by taking harvest internships at WineCorp in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Jefferson Cellars in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Heitz Cellars in Napa, California.

Wine is made in the vineyard. The winemaker is basically a surrogate parent who nurtures what he receives from the earth into its final creation with the help of science and modern technology.”

– Shaun Turnbull

Before joining the winemaking staff at Stone Hill Winery in October 2005, Shaun served as winemaker at Slaley Winery, in the famed Stellenbosch area of South Africa. In his few years at Slaley, Shaun built a solid reputation for turning out award-winning wines from classic Vinifera varieties. Before Slaley, Shaun was winemaker for Lammershoek Winery in Malmesbury, South Africa.

Originally planning to study engineering, Shaun’s attention quickly turned elsewhere when his stepfather introduced him to wine and the possibility of a winemaking career. It was the idea of combining Mother Nature and the everyday senses of taste and smell with science and technology that intrigued him most. In winemaking, Shaun feels he is creating a piece of art that not only expresses a bit of his own individuality but also invites endless conversations from others who indulge in the same romance of wine.

As Stone Hill’s head winemaker, Shaun’s goal is to improve on the already high quality of Norton and Chardonel. The most challenging and interesting part of his job is making wine from grape varieties other than Vinifera and in more extreme weather conditions than in South Africa.

Shaun is married to wife, Bernadette, and enjoys dining on fine wine and food with her. In his spare time he competes in mountain bike and cyclecross events.

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